Rosehip syrup


This recipe for a simple but classic syrup from Geoffrey Smeddle is delicious on blue or hard cheeses, as well as being a good friend for waffles and ice cream. This easy syrup recipe was developed by the chef for the Sunday Herald. Be sure your jars are well-sterilised so that the syrup will keep well, particularly if you plan on giving some jars to friends and family.

Type: Sauce

Serves: 6


  • 1000g of rosehips
  • 2l water
  • 1000g of sugar


Step 1.

Trim the tops and bottoms from the rosehips then cut the hips in half


  • 1000g of rosehips
Step 2.

Scoop out the seeds and discard. If the rosehips are small and fiddly, you can leave them whole as they will be sieved out of the cooking liquid later

Step 3.

Pulse the rosehips briefly in a food processor then transfer them to a saucepan and cover with half of the water


  • 1000ml of water
Step 4.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes, then strain the liquid and pulp through a muslin cloth into a clean bowl for an hour, reserving the liquid until needed

Step 5.

Return the pulp to the pan and cover with the remaining water. Simmer again for 15 minutes before straining once more


  • 1000ml of water
Step 6.

Combine the two batches of liquid and place them back on the stove. Boil to reduce the liquid by half, or more if you want a very glutinous syrup

Step 7.

Now add all the sugar, and allow it to dissolve. Boil for five more minutes


  • 1000g of sugar

Step 8.

Allow the liquid to cool a little – it will be scalding hot because of the sugar content. Meanwhile, sterilise some jars

Step 9.

Fill the jars with the rosehip syrup and store in a cool place until needed


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